Who We Are

Bryan Hanson's Bio

Bryan Hanson equals Beast Mode. He will be the first one to challenge the athletes he is training, from dead lifting over 500lbs. to racing them in a 40 yard sprint. He has over 5 years of experience training competitive athletes in the Midwest. Bryan graduated with a B.S. in exercise science/kinesiology. One of Bryan�s specialties is his enhanced knowledge & comprehension of sports injuries in competitive athletes. Bryan brings an expertise in traditional training, as well as his relentless search of the latest functional sports performance exercises. Bryan�s true passion is helping athletes and clients alike reach their greatest potential, both physically and mentally. Bryan currently runs the Schaumburg NPA location, where he is dedicated to creating �Game Changers.�

Matt Smith's Bio

Matt Smith equals Hard Work. Matt has been with NPA since the very beginning. Although he is supervisor and exclusively training at the Saint Charles location, he has been training competitive athletes with NPA since 2008. Matt trains with a tenacity that other trainers will never attain. He pushes athletes to a level that they often have never experienced. He holds every athlete he trains to the same standard he sets for himself, which allows his athletes to get the highest physical and mental results that they can. Matt has a very functional training ideology, which he is always thinking "outside the box" to stay on the forefront of the Sports Performance training game. Matt loves the outdoors and staying active through biking, running, & kayaking, and is currently making athletes into "Game Changers" at the Saint Charles location.