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Components to NPA Training

1. Injury Prevention
Ensuring that the body can withstand the stresses and strains particular to the athlete's sport.

2. Core Strength
Mobility with core stability (originates in the spine/transverse abdominus)-athletes need to be strong before their optimal power & explosiveness can take place.

3. Power/explosiveness
Ensuring that the body can withstand the stresses and strains particular to the athlete's sport.

4. Sport-specific speed
Multiple planes of motion (not just forward, but directional change) & Being able to perform all sport-specific functions at maximum speed.

5. Agility – 12, 2
Being light on the feet, having the proper balance to change directions effectively, as well as maintaining proper balance throughout movement.

6. Functional Flexibility-12, 8, 12
Mobility with Stability is the name of any athletes game. Having the correct range of motion at the correct plane and body part is instrumental to transferring your workouts to performance on the court/field.

7. Lateral Quickness
Effectively changing directions side to side in the shortest time. Getting your feet to move first when trying to move laterally.

8. Muscular Balance
The optimal balance between opposing muscle groups as well as lower body to upper body. Having overly strong hamstrings with weak quadriceps can lead to injuries and improper movement.

9. Acceleration/deceleration
The ability to attain top speed (or come to a complete stop) in the shortest time possible. Deceleration is a major weakness in many training programs

10. Coordination/Motor Control
Having control over the body/muscles and their ability to contract and relax during exercise/movement. Many skills are learned naturally such as throwing a baseball, but athletes who don't run correctly is often times a result of not being able to control certain muscles that are needed for speed.

11. Reactability
The ability of an athlete's central nervous system to react, and recruit the correct muscles in the fastest way possible. This component can improve defensive performance greatly. Unfortunately many programs don't practice exercises that improve reactibility.

12. Dynamic Balance
During movement and changing directions, keeping the best center of gravity is very important towards speed, agility, and optimal explosiveness. Using your legs at the proper angle will give you more power.

13. Sport-Specific Anaerobic Conditioning
Ability to attain maximum output and recover quickly in regards to the athlete's specific sport. Basketball players are in a much different shape than football players.